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Yoga + Acupuncture Through the Seasons

Did you know that there are special acupuncture points that bring you into harmony with each season?  They are most healing during the Solstices and Equinoxes of the year.  In this special series of seasonal workshops you will experience an integrated yoga practice that focuses on asanas, pranayama (breathwork), and guided meditation that integrated the opening and connection to the seasonal energetics within you.  Healing acupuncture will be gently applied during savasana to bring your body, heart, and mind in synchronicity with the changing seasons.  Location and dates are below!

Root and Rise into Spring
Sunday, March 24th   4:00 -5:30pm                            

Fire Up with the Summer Solstice
Sunday, June 3rd   4:00 -5:30pm

Autumn Leaves of Inspiration
Sunday, September 22nd   4:00 -5:30pm

Winter Restore & Renew
Sunday, December 22nd   4:00 -5:30pm


Each seasonal workshop is approximately 90 minutes at Truly Yoga Studio.

Cost $50 per session.
  Pre-registration is required.

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